Syrup Blue grape

Product Information

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  • High-consumerism tasty natural sirup
  • Without the addition of artificial sweeteners and preservatives
  • Dilution syrup: 1:9 (as. 1 liter of syrup can be diluted up to 9 l water)
  • Composition:
    • natural identical flavor of blue grapes,
    • citric acid,
    • tartaric acid,
    • acid ascrobová – Vitamin C,
    • colored E122, E133, water, sugar
  • Uniform priceforkg / liter -price list here
  • Personalcollection directlyon the spotin their own bottles (weighted sales syrups)
  • Possiblecarriage free today (5l and more, especiallyPezinok and surroundings)
  • Warranty10 monthsfrom the date of manufacture

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