About Us


  • We are based for several years in Pezinok Hypernova at restaurant BTB restaurant.
  • In addition to operating restaurants are engaged in the distribution of high quality syrups Slovak.
  • Offered syrups are made from quality fruit and natural ingredients
  • Our syrups are healthy and excellent flavor without preservatives, or artificial sweeteners.
  • Syrups have a refreshing taste and pleasant aroma
  • We offer a delicious syrup at an unbeatable price compared to the price in retail chains.
  • Personal collection possible in our restaurant BTB-restaurant Pezinok, bottles are filled to their own.
  • At minimum sampling kg/5l 6.5 we have carriage free
  • Warranty syrups is 10 months from date of manufacture
  • Guarantee your satisfaction and will definitely be our syrups taste (free tasting)



The syrups

Our syrups appreciate all age katergórie customers, from our branches to the oldest. Syrups supply especially for our retail customers, but we can add syrups and in greater quantities in your catering equipment, cottage, business, or school. Syrup production is subject to strict hygiene rules.


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